COMING 2023!

  • We’d like to announce our DTTN districtwide competition for Cincinnati Public Schools. Participating high schools across the district will engage in friendly competition with the winning schools to be awarded a cash prize for sustainability projects of *their choice* (with KCB support) and press recognition/celebration.This competition is to establish a culture of education and accountability around litter on their campus and surrounding neighborhood.

  • First Place Prize: $2,500

  • Second Place Prize: $1,500

  • Third Place Prize: $1,000

  • Each school will also have its own representative that will make up a teen council. This teen council will help to develop sustainability and litter reduction initiatives in their school and across their greater community.

  • Commitment to environmental justice and care for our planet is strongest and most immediate in our high school students, it is also true that the average age for someone who litters is 18

  • We are committed to greatly reducing litter in Cincinnati and also uplifting the teens who are already doing the work to make Cincinnati safer, cleaner, and greener.